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J&M Clothing

J&M Clothing

Retail and manufacturing

J&M Clothing is Wodonga’s very own provider of school uniforms, corporate clothing, embroidery and clothing alterations.

The shop is located on the northern end of High St and is the first shop past Junction Place, next to Bond Lane.

Owner and operator Leanne Worthington launched the business more than 18 years ago now, and has continued to serve Wodonga’s needs for high quality clothing since. Most school wear is manufactured on site, as well as all embroidery and alterations being completed in-house by locals.

J&M Clothing has access to a wide range of clothing to suit all styles and needs – pay the team a visit to see for yourself.

There is parking available at both the front and back of the store.

J&M Clothing is closed on public holidays and occasionally on Saturdays.