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Toolz down at new cafe

A former carpenter has swapped his tools for kitchen utensils after opening a cafe in the old Choppertown building in Wodonga’s Thomas Mitchell Drive.

Toolz Down Cafe owners Joshua and Nicole Dewar seized the opportunity to corner the ‘tradie market’, opening 6am to 3pm from Monday to Friday, as well as 9am to 3pm on Saturdays.

“We have great parking access for tradies to pull up with their trailers and just walk in, grab their food, and keep going. You can’t really do that in High St,” Mr Dewar said.

“We are located between CoLab Hair and Washington Cyclisme Bicycle Store in Thomas Mitchell Drive.

“When you are driving keep your eyes peeled and be on the look-out for the service road sign.

“If you are heading out of town, it’s the last stop for a fresh bite to eat.”

Mr Dewar had plans to go into business with his wife in another five or so years but the increase in timber prices forced his hand earlier.

“I renovated the businesses in this precinct and then we decided to take the lease on this cafe,” he said.

“We have tried to make it a one-stop-hub for these services.”

Question and answer below with tradie turned chef, Mr Dewar.


When did you open for business?

March 9.


What do you sell?

A variety of hot and cold drinks.

We also offer delicious cakes, slices, salad rolls, hamburgers, schnitzel rolls, and toasted sandwiches to name a few.

Come in and see our menu board for more options.


What is your top pick from the menu?

Either the Foreman Burger -  chicken, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and mayonnaise or the Boss Brekkie Burger – two eggs, bacon, cheese, grilled capsicum and smoky barbecue sauce.


What were you doing before opening this business?

I was a carpenter and my wife has a background in aged care nursing and hospitality.

Nicole’s background in hospitality will certainly make things easier.


What do you enjoy about your new business?

Growing up I wanted to be a carpenter or a chef.

I like working with my hands and I have always enjoyed cooking good quality food, so this was a great move.


What feedback have you had from customers?

The feedback has all been positive – customers love the hot coffee and the burgers are popular.

We have also had people comment on our friendly customer service, which always goes a long way.

We hope our customers are spreading the word that we are here.

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