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That Little Place moving online

There’ll be a big change for That Little Place in Wodonga’s city heart when store owner Jedda Hindmarsh leaves her bricks and mortar shop to move the business online at the end of July.

The well-known businesswoman had a smile for everyone who walked through That Little Place in Stanley St and touched many hearts with her ‘open door’ allowing craft groups to use her space.

However, when one door closes, another one opens and Jedda has big plans for her online store, which will focus on gift boxes, local delivery and plenty of off-site events.

“With changes, in particular to my health, I have had to take a big step backwards because this (shop) has become too much for one person,” Jedda said.

“I have downsized the product range and I am focusing on certain key areas and gift boxes.

“I will offer local delivery but we will also be able to post Australia-wide.”

Since August 2019, the store has been showcasing local artisans, producers and craftspeople, stocking a range of fascinating and unique products made by locals from Wodonga, Albury and beyond.

Handmade items include hair accessories, crochet items, artwork, jewellery, clothing and baby items.

Jedda’s aim was connecting local artisans and producers with customers beyond the market experience.

“It was about having access to it six days a week, instead of just the markets, as well as providing a space for workshops and social groups,” she said.

The store also stocks a range of food from pasta sauces, dried pasta to coffee beans and preserves.

“We will maintain most of the gluten-free products that we have, so if you have someone that is gluten-free or grain free or vegan, then we can cater to that quite easily as well,” Jedda said.

Jedda plans to concentrate on gift boxes for all occasions.

Some of the items can be personalised.

“Our candle supplier can make labels with a name or a date, so a real estate agent could have the address of a place and the date they moved in,” Jedda said.

“People love personalised gifts and the lady who makes the candles is in Albury so it’s a very quick turnaround.”

Jedda will operate the business from her third bedroom at home but has plans to renovate part of her garage into a studio next year.

“This will give me a space to take photos of product and if people need something urgently and want to pick it up, they can come around,” she said.

Jedda’s loyal customer base have expressed their sadness.

“They have been mostly understanding but sad that they can’t just come in for a chat and browse because it’s a great place to browse,” she said.

“Most of our social groups and charity quilters and people like that won’t disappear, some of them are moving to Felltimber Community Centre and some are going to Hyphen, so those groups will keep operating but just in a different location.”

Jedda is planning to hold a small pop-up shop just before Christmas to ensure locals can do all of their seasonal shopping in person.

“We are hoping to find a premises within High St for a couple of months leading up to Christmas to sell gift boxes, so it’s easier for people to race in and find the perfect gift,” she said.

Jedda’s focus will also be on hosting crafting events – it could be a craft retreat or workshops that will be held throughout the region.

She has already locked in crochet crafter extraordinaire Shelley Husband on September 17 at the Chiltern Goods Shed.

You can find That Little Place online here.

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