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Serving up great coffee and opportunities


The owner of a new Wodonga cafe has given residents their corner store back after the building was left vacant for two years following the closure of Gobble ‘N’ Go.

Amanda Baker has received positive feedback since opening Ladybird and Co on March 31.

Located at 80 Lawrence St, the corner of Lawrence and Wigg streets, the shop boasts a feature wall, neon signs and modern furniture.

“The black and white colour pallet is timeless and the neon sign has such an impact on the black tiles,” Mrs Baker said.

“Everyone that comes in comments on how clean, modern and up-to-date it now looks and the fact they can now walk to their corner shop and grab a milkshake or coffee, even just a bottle of milk or bread.”

The cafe provides traditional takeaway foods such as fish and chips, potato cakes and dim sims, as well as chicken schnitzel and gravy rolls and double bacon and egg rolls, which are both popular among tradespeople.

Fresh sandwiches, rolls, and a range of cakes, slices and pastry items from Howlong Bakery are also on the menu.

For those choosing to dine outside, blankets are available for customers to borrow.

Mrs Baker said the cafe offers options for all dietary needs.

“We offer a variety of vegetarian and gluten free options, including a selection of dairy and gluten free slices that are baked on-site,” she said.

Mrs Baker has taken convenience to another level after introducing a mobile app, Skip, which allows customers to order and pay online.

“We are getting QR codes for our tables so people can scan away, order and pay,” she said.

“It’s great for those who have kids in the car, you can order and we can bring it out to your car.”

Mrs Baker also had accessibility in mind when introducing the mobile app.

“We have a large step into the store and because it’s an old building there’s not a lot we can do in terms of accessibility if you are in a wheelchair but with the QR code, they can use the QR to pay and order what they want outside and we will bring it out,” she said.

Mrs Baker, who has a background in the NDIS space, is able to continue her work as an NDIS plan manager from offices at the back of the cafe.

“It’s a great location and it means I can continue my role as a plan manager,” she said.

Two of her seven staff are on a NDIS plan.

The cafe is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4.30pm and Saturdays from 7.30am to 2.30pm.

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