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New store playing its cards right

When everyone was looking for ways to keep occupied during lockdowns, a Wodonga couple provided a solution.

Corey and Jess Felder went into business ten months ago, selling board games, trading cards and puzzles online, and have now opened a store in Stanley St, Wodonga, called Card Riot.

The couple, who have four young children, said their game plan was to one day open a physical store and the demand for their business prompted this to happen sooner.

“This was a side hobby for a long time before we opened the store,” Mr Felder said.

“People were picking up their hobbies while the coronavirus was on so it was a really good time for us to go into business.”

The store is more than just a retail outlet.

The shop features a video gaming area and space to host regular events such as board game nights, Vanguard and Digimon tournaments.

Mr Felder said there was “nothing like this” in Wodonga.

“We thought it was the perfect place to open and it gives people on this side of the Border an opportunity to come in and play games,” he said.

“We sell board games, video games, trading cards, puzzles - including 3D ones - and we will soon sell collectables and paints.”

Mr Felder said there were many benefits for children who are card collectors.

“Card collecting is still a thing,” he said.

“It was big 30 years ago when I was a kid as well and there’s a lot of benefits for kids playing. It helps them with reading and helps them with maths.

“My son plays card games and the way he is able to work out difficult math equations in his head so quickly is incredible and it’s from playing these card games.

“Pokemon is still a massive thing and Yu-Gi-Oh has been around since I was about 12 or 13 and a new card game is always popping up.”

The business hosts regular events throughout the week and had its biggest Yu-Gi-Oh night on Wednesday with 17 players.

“We are getting 10 to 15 people at our tournaments and up to 25 at the board game nights,” Mr Felder said.

People wanting to learn a new game can take part in the “learn to play events” that are held every couple of weeks.

“If you are looking for something new, keep an eye on our Facebook page for dates and times and then come down,” he said.

The business is open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 11am to 9pm, Sundays 11am to 3pm and is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.



HuMM BuGG Board Game night - 5.30pm until late (fortnightly from April 5)


Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament - 6.30pm until late


Magic: The Gathering Commander and Draft – 6.30pm until late


Vanguard Tournament – 6.30pm until late


Dungeons and Dragons event – 11.30am until finish or 7pm until late (alternating weekly)

Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament – 6.30pm until late


Digimon Tournament – 11.30am until finish

Dungeons and Dragons event – 12pm until finish

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