Holistic approach to fitness up and running

Combining a specialty running store and fitness studio, Wodonga runner Naomi Ramsay is bringing an alternative to gyms.

The mother of five, who started her business more than two years ago, said the aim of Running Fit was to create a community hub to focus on getting fit.

Naomi stresses Running Fit is not a gym rather a place where people can come and workout regardless of their fitness level.

"We take a holistic approach to fitness," she said.

"Every program is individually tailored but we focus on lifestyle change. Whether you are just getting off the couch or are looking to run a marathon, we offer a complete look at your health."

Naomi, who competes in ultra marathons, started the business after a couple of people asked her to give them a hand. 

She has since gone onto get accreditations in fitness, an IAAF Children's Coaching accreditation as well as accreditation from Athletics Australia.

"It happened after I helped out a couple of people and then that led into the coaching side of things," she said.

"I've worked with children starting with the fundamentals right up to 60-year-olds who are looking to start.

"I love that running is accessible and affordable. All you need is a pair and you can get outside and start.

"Running is great for clearing your head and helpful towards your mental health, particularly in times such as COVID."

Naomi said she choose the location - 25 High St - as there was easy access, off-street parking and it was perfect for her needs.

"We spent five weeks renovating it, working 14- hour days. It used to be an auto-electrician shop," she said.

"I love Wodonga. I wanted to have my business here. I run here, I live here and I work here."

Running Fit is open now at 25 High St, Wodonga.