One Plus One Fashion branches out online

Wodonga business owner Gaye Evans faced a dilemma when the COVID-19 pandemic first struck our community – her store remained open but customers stayed away.

The owner of One Plus One Fashion on High St knew she had to do something and fast.

“When the shutdown happened, I went home stressed and panicked,” Gaye said.

“I then thought about designing the website I have been considering since I opened but never thought I needed to."

Gaye said the website was a huge undertaking.

“I did it myself through one of those websites where you build your own online store and I am happy with it, even though it was a huge undertaking and some additional costs attached to it," she said.

“Customers have been checking it out and will come into the store because they want to take a closer look or try something on.

“The website is also great for things like Google search, so we come up in a search and people know we are here.”

The business, which opened in April of 2016, took a big hit this past April with sales down 67 per cent on last year.

Sales have started to lift with May and June experiencing an average growth of 11 and 30 per cent respectively over last year’s sales.

“If it wasn't for the loyalty of great customers from our community, who knows if we would still be open. The sales speak for itself,” Gaye said.

“I have a good customer base as we have been in the main street for the past four years and the High St makeover has certainly helped with more foot traffic.”