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Digital Plaza to support local businesses in eCommerce

Business Wodonga, has proudly worked with Ashlin Technology Services (ATS) to develop a free Digital Plaza available to all local businesses.

The Support Local Shop Local website is a free vibrant, powerful initiative that will empower every business, no matter the size or budget to have the best possible digital tools.

This will ensure that our local business community is as resilient as possible for all kinds of disruptions, such as the current Covid pandemic as well as the recent bushfire season.

“We want to make sure that customers can have access to their favourite businesses at all times and discover new ones easily. We are very proud to have provided something that brings those two needs together in a solution that is free for both the vendor and the customer and supports the local community during this unprecedented crisis.” Kade O’Keefe, Business Owner, ATS said.

“Support local, shop local. Business employs people, we want to re-energise the round robin effect of money rotating in our community,” added Graham Jenkin, President of Business Wodonga.

Support Local Shop Local is a self-managed business empowerment tool, where businesses can manage and maintain all their relevant information, list and sell their goods, gain extra SEO traction, more customers through their business.

For customers, it provides a centralised searchable, filterable directory for up to date business information around the area. It will also provide the ability to shop online and support the local community online while still being able to minimise and maintain social distancing and various state restrictions currently in place. As customers become more conscious about spending patterns and keeping money within the local community initiatives such as this platform will help enable long term, positive economic changes for all.

It provides a full e-commerce tool for businesses to be able to list and sell their goods online and draw additional customers to their existing stores, existing websites and services and help customers and consumers in the region understand what amazing goods and services businesses in the area have to offer.

It will also act as a Business 2 Business support platform where local businesses can help each other by offering their services to help the greater business community adapt, overcome, and survive the challenges that regional businesses face.

Visit the website today to support local businesses in your area at supportlocalshoplocal.com.au

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