A delicious pie collab

Miss Amelie and Henri’s Wodonga Bakery have united in difficult times to create a special range of gourmet pies.

With fillings like chicken laksa, lamb and mint and curried scallop, the pies have been ‘walking out the door’.

The idea was born shortly after restaurants like Miss Amelie were forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Henri’s co-owner Ian Shirley recalled his son, Matthew, having a chat to Miss Amelie chef and owner David Kapay.

“David is mates with my son who is a partner here and they came up with the idea of trying gourmet pies,” Mr Shirley said.

“I remember they were talking about the idea on a Thursday and by the next day they were selling them.”

One hundred pies sold in an hour on the first day of sale, with 470 more sold the following day in two and a half hours.

“It was just nuts, there was a line all the way to the end of the street,” Mr Shirley said.

Sales are still strong but nothing like the first weekend.

Mr Shirley said the collaboration was working well.

“We are seeing new customers and it’s created a whole new interest,” he said.

“We are also seeing increased sales in our own brand of flavoured fruit pies and meat varieties.”